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Financial Anxiety

10 Steps to Easing Financial Anxiety During Major Life Changes

Life happens and, sometimes, it can be incredibly worrisome from a financial standpoint. You’ve struggled through a divorce. Perhaps you’ve faced a life-threatening illness. And, you look at your bank

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The Tao of Wealth Management

The path to success in many areas of life is paved with continual hard work, intense activity, and a day-to-day focus on results. However, for many investors who adopt this approach to managing their wealth,

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A Focus on Fixed Income

It’s been approximately a decade since the Great Recession began. By year-end 2008, the U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed) had lowered the target federal funds rate to near-zero and embarked on an aggressive

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What’s Social Security Got for You?

  Building the best strategy starts with pinpointing your benefit at different ages. Back in the late 1980s, when much like today there was mounting concern about the future of Social Security, Congress

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Timing is Critical for Boomers Preparing to Claim Social Security

Make the Most of Your Benefits It has begun. America’s largest generation, the 79 million strong, post World War II baby-boomers has begun cashing in on its Social Security benefits. And, just as history

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Objective Fiduciary Advice

Avoiding Financial Scams and Identity Theft Fraud

Young or old, wealthy or poor, online or in person … Nobody is immune from financial scams and identity theft fraud. No matter who you are or how well-informed you may be, the bad guys are out there,

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The Uncertainty Paradox and Planning

“Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is an absurd one.”  — Voltaire “The market hates uncertainty” has been a common enough saying in recent years, but how logical is it?

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Designing a Retirement Income that Works for You

If ever there were an appropriate analogy for how to invest for retirement, it would be the classic fable of The Three Little Pigs. As you may recall, those three little pigs tried three different structures

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Divorce and Social Security Benefits

Even if your ex-spouse has not applied for benefits, you may qualify to collect spousal Social Security payments based on his or her earnings record. When looking at divorce and Social Security remember,

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Make the Most of Spousal and Survivor Benefits from Social Security

Even after the crackdown, special rules can pay off handsomely for husbands and wives as survivor benefits come into play. Social Security smiles on married couples, with special rules that can richly

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