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Avoiding Extremes - A Clear Eyed View of What's Really Going On

Avoiding Extremes – A Clear Eyed View of What’s Really Going On

I’m wishing you all a Happy New Year, and want to start the year by sharing our 2018 Year-End investment letter, and some advice around avoiding extremes when it comes to behavioral investing.

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Five Financial Adages for Thriving in Volatile Markets

Sometimes the best, most rigorously developed financial advice is so obvious, it’s become cliché. And yet, investors often end up abandoning this same advice when volatile markets are on the rise. Why

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Understanding How Investments are Taxed Differently

Taxes in retirement can have serious impacts and different investments are taxed differently. Retirees should be aware their taxable income could have an impact on more than their investment portfolio...

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Analyzing The Risk Of Stocks After The 6.9% Drop

In light of recent volatility, we thought analyzing the risk of stocks would be a timely exercise.  It would be wise to remember that ultimately, corporate profits drive stock prices and that profit levels

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Midterm Elections Financial Advice

Midterm Elections Financial Advice: What Do They Mean for Markets?

It’s practically Election Day in the United States again. For those who need a brief civics refresher, every 2 years the complete United States House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate

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Financial Crisis Rising From The Ashes

Born Out Of The Ashes Of The Financial Crisis

As of August 21, the ​longest-running S&P 500 rally​ (by some counts) was born out of “the ashes of the financial crisis.” Then came mid-September – ten years since the beginning of the

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Objective Advice From Fee Only Advisors

Understanding How Fee Only Advisors Work [Infographic]

The vast majority of employees of banks, brokerage firms, and insurance companies charge a management fee part of the time and are commissioned salespeople at other times. These brokers call themselves

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Alternative Reality

Diversification has been called the only free lunch in investing. This idea is based on research showing that diversification, through a combination of assets like stocks and bonds, could reduce volatility

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Financial Anxiety

10 Steps to Easing Financial Anxiety During Major Life Changes

Life happens and, sometimes, it can be incredibly worrisome from a financial standpoint. You’ve struggled through a divorce. Perhaps you’ve faced a life-threatening illness. And, you look at your bank

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Where’s the Value?

The Value Premium While never guaranteed, the value premium has historically had a greater chance of being positive the longer the time horizon observed. Periods of underperformance can happen, but a consistent

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