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Finley Wealth Advisors in Bonita Springs Florida is a Fee-Only Fiduciary Wealth Management Firm, Purposefully Designed for the Middle-Class Millionaire, With $2 to $20 Million of Wealth, as Big Fish in Our Right-Sized Pond

We meet you as a fiduciary wherever you are in the life cycle of your wealth. We develop unique wealth management strategies to minimize taxes, protect assets, maximize growth, distribute retirement assets, and transfer wealth. Whether you are at the stage of accumulation, preservation, or distribution we will tailor our fee-only fiduciary process to meet your individual wealth management needs because each family is unique.

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10600 Chevrolet Way, Suite 101

Estero, FL 33928


Doug Finley my wealth advisor

Douglas Finley, MS, CFP, AEP, CDFA

Fee-Only Wealth Advisor

Mr. Finley founded Finley Wealth Advisors in February of 2006, as a Fiduciary Fee-Only Registered Investment Advisor, with the goal of creating a firm that eliminated the conflicts of interest inherent in the financial planner – advisor/client relationship. The firm specializes in wealth management for the middle class millionaire.

Amber Braatz, MBA, CFP

Fee-Only Wealth Advisor

Amber has a passion for helping people achieve financial and life goals. She chose to join Finley Wealth Advisors because of the firm's culture of always putting the client first at all times, in all matters. The culture meshed well with the core of her being and the way she has always lived her life. Amber believes that working in a fee-only fiduciary model was the only way for her to truly align her values with working in the financial services industry.

Our Fiduciary Pledge To You

Because you deserve pure unbiased financial advice. We follow a fiduciary standard and are proud to commit to the following five fiduciary principles:


We will always put your best interests first.


We will act with skill, care, diligence, and good professional judgment.


We will not mislead you, We will provide you an open disclosure of all important facts.


We will avoid conflicts of interest.


We will fully disclose and fairly manage, in your favor, any unavoidable conflicts.

Investment Advisor Affiliations

Investment Advisor Affiliations

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