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Make the Most of Spousal and Survivor Benefits from Social Security

Even after the crackdown, special rules can pay off handsomely for husbands and wives as survivor benefits come into play. Social Security smiles on married couples, with special rules that can richly

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How to Save Taxes in Retirement

When you take money from savings for retirement, you’re generally advised to tap taxable accounts first, then tax-deferred retirement accounts, and finally your Roth IRA. Here’s why: If you hold an

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Taxes Never Retire, but Benefits Escape

Congress’s complicated rules for the taxation of Social Security benefits open the door to opportunities to save. It used to be so simple. From the time the first checks were issued in 1937 through the

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The Truth About the Earnings Test

You need to know how continuing to work will affect your benefits. The good news is that the reality isn’t nearly as nefarious as critics complain. It sounds like a cruel joke: After a lifetime of working,

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The Social Security “Do-Over” Strategy Is Not Dead

Fear that you pulled the trigger too soon on benefits? You may be able to reload and set yourself up for higher benefits later on. A few years ago, a number of financial advisers began calling attention

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Smart Social Security Strategies for Married Couples

Figuring out the best time to file for your Social Security benefits can be surprisingly simple or hellishly complex. If you’re retired—voluntarily or not—and need the money to live on, you may have

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Structured CDs: Buyer Beware!

Most investors are familiar with Certificates of Deposit (CDs). You purchase one, and the bank pays you a bit of interest on it, plus your principal back. They don’t yield much, but they’re nearly

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Start a New Tradition: Family Wealth Planning Conversations

Whether it’s gathering for an annual reunion, recounting an anecdote about quirky Uncle Jim, or simply being there for one another during difficult times, family traditions are the comfort food that

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How much retirement income will you need?

Do you love traveling? Enjoy the occasional nice meal out with your family and friends? So do we. But if you’re like a lot of Americans, you may not know exactly what it will cost to support these same

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