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Market Volatility Returns After A Long Respite

If you were a member of the popular press, you’d probably be happy with 2018’s first quarter performance. At last – some volatility-fueling news in early February, with plenty of enticing “largest,”

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You, Your Financial Well-Being and the Federal Reserve

After nearly a decade of leaving the federal funds rate at zero percent, the time finally came on December 16, 2015: The U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed) raised the federal funds rate by 0.25 percent. Because

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Recent Market Volatility

After a period of relative calm in the markets, in recent days the increase in volatility in the stock market has resulted in renewed anxiety for many investors. From February 1–5, the US market (as

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The Current Market Decline in Context

If you have been following our blog articles, you might already be able to guess what our take is on the current market news: Unless your personal goals have changed, stay the course according to your

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As Goes January, So Goes the Year?

As investors ring in the new year, some may see the occasional headline about the “January Indicator” or “January Barometer.” This theory suggests that the price movement of the S&P 500 during

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Ten Financial Best Practices to Jump-Start Your New Year

Happy Holidays! As we wrap up the current year, one of the best presents you can bestow on yourself and your loved ones is the gift of proper preparation. Want to get a jump-start on 2018? Here are 10

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Cryptocurrency: What’s It All About?

Odds are, you hadn’t even heard the term until recently. Now, it seems as if everybody and their cousin are getting in on it. Psychologists have assigned a term to the angst you might be feeling in the

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What is Catchphrase Investing?

The financial media is drawn to catchphrases, acronyms, and buzzwords that can be sold as the new thing. FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Google) is the latest of these. But does this constitute

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Reflections on a Happy Thanksgiving

What makes you happy? As we wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving, we’d like to take a moment to reflect on this timeless question. You probably already realize that piles of possessions by themselves

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Lessons for the Next Financial Crisis

It will soon be the 10-year anniversary of when, in early October 2007, the S&P 500 Index hit what was its highest point before losing more than half its value over the next year and a half during

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