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What You Pay, What You Get: Connecting Price and Expected Returns

It has been more than 50 years since the idea of stock prices containing all relevant information was put forth. Information might come in the form of data from a company’s financial statements, news

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The Impact of Inflation

This erosion of the real purchasing power of wealth is called inflation. Inflation is an important element of investing. In many cases, the reason for saving today is to support future spending. Therefore,

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Models, Uncertainty, and the Importance of Trust

Models are approximations of the world. They are simplifications of reality. Models can be useful for gaining insights that help us make good decisions. But they can also be dangerous if someone is overconfident

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What Is Correlation (and Why Would You Care)?

Here at Finley Wealth Management, we try to keep the financial jargon to a minimum. But even where we may succeed, you’re likely to encounter references elsewhere that can turn valuable information into

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Tuning Out the Noise

For investors, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the relentless stream of news about markets. Being bombarded with data and headlines presented as impactful to your financial well-being can evoke

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A Focus on Fixed Income

It’s been approximately a decade since the Great Recession began. By year-end 2008, the U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed) had lowered the target federal funds rate to near-zero and embarked on an aggressive

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Doing Well and Doing Good?

Growing interest in the impact of fossil fuels on the global climate may spark questions about whether individuals can integrate their values around sustainability with their investment goals and, if so,

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Evidence-Based Investing vs. Indexing

Making a Good Thing Even Better As the public grows increasingly familiar with “passive” or “index” investing, it’s becoming easier for individual investors to gain cost-effective exposure to

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Sailing with the Tides

  Embarking on a financial plan is like sailing around the world. The voyage won’t always go to plan, and there’ll be rough seas. But the odds of reaching your destination increase greatly if

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10 Things To Do When Markets Get Scary

“This is a test; this is only a test. Had this been an actual emergency …”   The truth is, the markets are doing just what markets do from time to time, they correct themselves. In fact, overall

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