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Passive Investing

What If Everyone Utilized Passive Investing?

For many years we have encouraged passive investing to adopt a patient, long-term approach to capturing the market’s expected returns, evidence-based.

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Politics and your portfolio

Presidents, Politics, and Your Portfolio: Thinking Beyond Stage One

In this or any election, recognize the folly of trying to tie your investment portfolio’s hopes, dreams, fears and trading decisions to a brand of politics.

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Parenting Your Wealth in Uncertain Markets

In the face of political drama at home and abroad, it’s certainly been a summer for trying our patience, hasn’t it? For anyone who has ever been a parent or a child – that is, for everyone – there

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The US Mutual Funds Landscape 2016

The U.S. mutual funds industry comprises a large universe of funds covering securities markets around the world; reflect many diverse philosophies and approaches. How has the industry performed as a whole? How

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real estate investing

Reflections on Real Estate Investing

Just as the natural world around us comes from the elements found in the periodic table of elements, capital markets are made up of asset classes, broadly organized into stocks, bonds, and hard assets

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John Oliver’s Hillarious Take On Investing

Thanks in part to our evidence-based approach to investing, we don’t have to eat our words or advice very often. But recently, we discovered that we stand corrected on one point.

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Start a New Tradition: Family Wealth Planning Conversations

Whether it’s gathering for an annual reunion, recounting an anecdote about quirky Uncle Jim, or simply being there for one another during difficult times, family traditions are the comfort food that

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You, the Capital Markets and Your Brexit Fears

One of our responsibilities as your financial adviser is to help you put market news in its proper perspective, especially when the media is reporting particularly steep, UK market declines like we’ve

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What To Do in Lieu of Chasing Yield

With a total-return approach, we typically want you to reserve your fixed income/bond investments for their primary purpose in life, which is to provide a stabilizing counterbalance to your equity/stock

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Mutual Fund Survivorship Bias

One of the reasons we turn to evidence-based investing is to guide us past the misguided strategies that can otherwise cause an investor’s expected returns to run aground. That said, there is a lot of

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