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The Hero Of Your Story

You Have Already Achieved Financial Success. How Will You Benefit From Working With Finley?

We Provide You With The Four Essentials For A Relationship Built On A Mutual Trust

Evidence Based

We help you plan for the life events you expect and overcome those you don’t. Helping clients achieve all that is important to them, is the highest goal a wealth advisor can aspire to. As Independent Fee-Only Fiduciaries, you can be comfortable in knowing we will be 100% transparent on the costs of investing. Our advice and recommendations will always be aligned with your best interests.

Fee-Only vs. Fee Based Why It Matters

If you are looking for unbiased financial advice and not another well-rehearsed sales pitch. You are going to want a Fee-Only Fiduciary. This is the single most important step to remove the compensation conflicts of interest. It is these compensation conflicts that most often corrupt the advice you receive. At Finley, a promise of objective advice is more than just words, we are compensated exclusively by the fee paid to us by you. You simply pay for our expertise, with a transparent professional fee. We have no products to sell, commissions to attain, or quotas to meet.

It's our firm belief that professional financial advice and product sales are incompatible. Brokers very often sell products where compensation is the true motivation for the "advice" they give. The vast majority of employees of banks, brokerage firms, and insurance companies charge a management fee part of the time and are commissioned salespeople at other times. These brokers call themselves fee-based, attempting to confuse you into thinking they are fee-only.

"The Fine Print"

The firm’s compensation is solely from fees paid directly by clients. The firm does not receive any commission based on the client’s purchase of any financial product, including insurance. No commissions in any form are accepted. No benefits are received from custodians/broker-dealers based on client securities transactions (“soft dollar benefits”). The Firm does not sell any life insurance or annuities. The firm is compensated in the form of financial planning & advisory fees alone. Advisor bases its fees on a percentage of assets under management or as an hourly rate for financial planning services. Under certain circumstances fees may be negotiable based on a variety of factors, including but not limited to historical relationship, total assets, investable assets, types of assets, anticipated future additional assets, complexity of financial planning needs, relationships with other professionals, related accounts, or negotiations with clients.

Evidence-Based Investing Puts The Odds In Your Favor

At the end of the day, to make money in the markets, you must buy low and sell high. But what should you buy and sell? And when should you act? With no overarching strategy, your choices become a random search in an immense financial desert. You may still find your way if you are lucky. That’s a stressful way to go about managing your money.

Finley Wealth Advisors offers a model of investing based not on speculation but on financial science and Institutional-level investment advice from Nobel Prize-winning financial, economic, and academic research. There’s a quiet power in understanding how to already be there to capture available market returns – rather than forever chasing after them, as most investors do.

We have a clear strategy for managing the market’s ever-unfolding uncertainties, we stay focused on the right processes, the right tools and the right mindset to guide you toward your most important goals. It is in the context of a low-cost, globally diversified solution, that we apply sound financial theory to your investment portfolio.

Your custom designed investment portfolio ensures that you are exposed to the appropriate mix of market factors, and designed to efficiently capture the market returns expected to contribute to your personal wealth over time.