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Special-Report-#1-social-security_cover In this information-packed special report, we’ll take a look at all you’ll need to know about changes in your social security benefits when you divorce. Full of useful calculators, charts, and professional-grade guidance, you’ll learn specifically how to determine the effects divorce could have on your social security benefits and your daily standard of living.
How will divorce affect your monthly social security benefits?
What happens to your benefits if your ex-spouse remarries?
What if you're taking care of your ex-spouse's child, or you're disabled?
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“You’ve Earned It, Don’t Lose It” Luncheon with Suze Orman

How often do you get the chance to dine with one of America’s most dynamic financial advocates? Rarely. Which is why we at Finley are thrilled to announce that renowned financial advocate  Suze Orman will be presenting at the Naples Ritz Carlton Golf Resort on March 20th, and we’re co-sponsoring her appearance. Better yet, we’re inviting […]

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On-Demand Seminar Series

Have you ever spent your valuable time going to an “informative” investment seminar which really turned out to be a sales pitch on a too-good-to-be-true investment product? They want to buy you a $20 steak and make a $20,000 or more commission on a sale. How about a new approach? We respect your time and believe in offering you researched-based education without the sales pitch. We've put together an on-demand seminar you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home, on your own timeline (And buy lots and lots of $20 steaks with the sales commission you will never pay to us!). This on-demand seminar, “A Different Way to Invest,” highlights an alternative, research-based approach to investing based on hard facts, not Wall Street hype or insurance company gimmicks. We'll answer the key questions many investors ask, including:
Why invest at all?
Am I doing enough to stay ahead of inflation?
My current portfolio seems to be working out alright. Why should I consider a new approach?
How can I stop letting predictions, impulses, and emotion dictate my financial decisions?
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